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4 Easy Steps to Stimulate Infant Intelligence

Every parent would want their children to grow smart. However, did Mother and Father know that children's intelligence can be stimulated as a baby? Stimulating baby's intelligence can be done with a few easy steps you know. The period of the first 1000 days of the child (from the womb until the age of 2 years) is a good time to stimulate the intelligence of infants. This is because in the first 1000 days, a child's brain can develop up to 80% of adult brain capacity. Various Ways to Stimulate Infant Intelligence There are various easy ways you can do to stimulate the intelligence of babies, some of which are: 1. Do bonding time The easiest way that Mother and Father can do to stimulate the intelligence of the Little One is to do various activities to establish emotional bonds (bonding time). According to research, frequent bonding time with babies can stimulate intelligence and increase IQ. Some simple activities that Mother or Father can do for bonding time are br
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Learn How to Enlarge Arm Muscles so You Can Look Strong

Having muscular arms is the dream of many men. In addition to giving the impression of being manly and strong, large arm muscles also make it easy for you to do a variety of jobs that require strength. Let's look at ways to increase arm muscles that you can try. In general, the arm is divided into two parts, namely the upper arm and the lower arm. The upper arm extends from the shoulder to the elbow, while the lower arm extends from the elbow to the wrist. Inside the arm there are various large muscles. That muscle is what helps you do a variety of activities, from lifting groceries, holding a baby, to moving the wardrobe. Types of Arm Muscles Before knowing how to enlarge the arm muscles, it's good if you know what muscles are in the arm, namely: Biceps In scientific language known as the biceps brachii muscle. This large muscle extends from the upper arm to the elbow, and is attached to the base of the arm bone (humerus). Tricep Known as triceps brachii. It i

Already Aged but Often Confused, Lest Crisis Middle-aged

Age is not a teenager, but lately feel the mood is often erratic. You start thinking again about many big things, like your career and life goals. Maybe you are experiencing a midlife crisis and you are not experiencing it yourself. Middle-aged crisis is a time when someone feels young again, even though he has reached a ripe age. At this time people are beginning to realize that they are closer to death, while on the other hand they still want to have fun and enjoy life. This is why this crisis can make people in their 40s act like they are in their 20s. Not only men, but also women. Why is there a midlife crisis? Not everyone experiences a midlife crisis. In fact, this condition is unknown in some communities. Midlife crises can be characterized by a variety of symptoms such as vacillation, weight gain or weight loss, major changes in sleep patterns, not wanting to maintain personal hygiene, and mood swings such as anger, sadness, anxiety. However, in fact the midlife crisis d